About Sturdy Built Homes
Sturdy Built Homes provides structural, custom-engineered building components for light commercial building, custom homes and multi-family dwellings.  Located in Gramercy, Louisiana, Sturdy Built Homes operates a 23,000 square foot factory where wall panels, floor trusses and roof trusses are custom-built, packaged and hand delivered to construction sites in a matter of days.  Windows, exterior doors, engineered beams and siding also provide a fast and efficient construction process.

Structural components are sections of framing that are constructed indoors in a controlled environment.  Unlike stick-built construction, components are cut and assembled with exact precision using computer aided manufacturing technology.  When you use components from Sturdy Built Homes you are building smart:

A BETTER WAY TO BUILD:  Guaranteed Quality Control
A CHEAPER WAY TO BUILD:  Reduced Labor and Production Costs
A FASTER WAY TO BUILD:  Drastically Reduced Construction Time
A GREENER WAY TO BUILD:  Environmentally Responsible
Virtually any building that can be built out of wood can be adapted to take advantage of the Sturdy Built Homes system.  Sturdy Built Homes provides free estimates for all projects to be quickly generated based on your existing architectural plans.  Our team of professionals works with you throughout the planning, manufacturing and construction process.
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